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Foot & Ankle Correction
Demineralized Allograft Bone

MTF’s proprietary demineralization process yields a bone graft matrix that exhibits excellent handling properties. The grafts are conformable and can be easily cut in the operating suite to the desired size and shape. When hydrated the grafts can be compressed to fit a bony void or enhance bone to bone apposition by filling potential gaps during fusion.¹

Demineralized Cancellous Sheets

  Size (LxW) Diameter  
423002 2x2cm Square 3mm  
423004 2x4cm Rectangular 3mm  
423006 3cm Diameter Circle 3mm  

Cancellous Chips & Granules

  Description Volume Range
420036 Demineralized Cancellous Chips 5cc 1.7–10mm
420045 Demineralized Cortical / Cancellous Granules 5cc 0.5–3mm
423006 Milled Cancellous Chips 5cc 1–5mm

1. Data on file at MTF.

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